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We are professionally recognized in the industry as the “go to” people if you want to legally cancel your contract, and obligated debt to your timeshare resort, travel, and vacation clubs. We are frequently contacted by real estate executives, financial advisers, and most importantly, consumers just like you who are seeking advice, knowledge and expertise from the professionals in the timeshare cancellation industry.

Whether you signed your contract more than ten years ago, a year ago, last week or even yesterday, there’s no scenario that’s beyond our expertise. Our professional services are backed by years of experience, and in some cases, we can even successfully get partial or full refunds for you. So even if you’re unsure whether you were a victim of fraud or misrepresentation, give us a call!



Techniques pioneered by the timeshare consumer advocates from JR and their affiliate attorneys have emerged in recent years that have resulted in timeshare companies becoming more agreeable to releasing timeshare owners from their timeshare obligation.

Because of deceptive and fraudulent conduct that is almost always utilized by timeshare sales people for the purpose of inducing unwitting potential owners to sign on the dotted line. As a result of these actions JR and its affiliate law team has had unparalleled success in terminating timeshare contracts and their on going financial obligations.


In some cases deed transfer is the most affordable way to relinquish ownership depending on resort deed transfer fees. JR and Affiliate offer quality service in 180 days or less you will no longer have obligations to any maintenance fees.

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